Best Kingston Mechanics

A Kingston Mechanic is a tradesman who specialises in the work of building, repairing and servicing mechanical items. Mechanical items are moving parts. This can include Cars, Trucks, Bicycles and Aircrafts.

A very common type of Mechanic is a Car or Automotive Mechanic. These are tradesmen who specialise in the service and repair of Cars.

Within the mechanics trade, there are 2 different specialist, which are for electrical parts and moving parts (mechanical parts).

The different mechanical parts in a car include; transmission, brakes, steering, clutch, cooling system, drive belt and shaft, engine block, exhaust, fans, fuel pump and other accessories, gaskets, gearbox, air-conditioning, ignition, suspension, turbo, and much more. Some mechanics will also repair and service wheels and tyres.

The different electrical parts include; All lights, dashboard, automatic windows, central locking, fuses, headlights and rear-lights and more.

A lot of the items that Mechanical and Electrical Mechanics, do, overlap. Most of that work can be all done at one Car Workshop.

The main role of a mechanic is to diagnose a problem with a car/auto-mobile (brought in by a client/customer) as quickly as they can and as accurately as they can. After they have found the problem, they quote how much the labour and parts (if any) will cost for the customer. Sometimes one repair or replacement of a mechanical part can lead to another part(s) needing to be replaced. If the customer is happy with the quote, the Mechanic will start to work on repairing and replacing parts in the car, in their workshop.

Another type of work done by a mechanic is a car service, which is done on a regular basis. Your regular mechanic will be able to advise you about the timing of the “routine check-ups”. This type of work is more of a preventative job, or a check-up to make sure everything can be repaired before any major damage has been done.

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