Different Roof Types and their Descriptions

There are different types of roofs, and usually they differ from region to region. Roof repairs mornington are great for fixing these roofs. They also differ according to its purpose. Some are designed to fit in a particular climate. Most roofs are also designed flat and others are designed in steeply pitched appearance. Now what are the types of roofs? Check out the following:

Flat roof – Flat roofs can usually be seen in ordinary and commercial buildings. Mostly these buildings have low precipitation. This kind of roof is pretty simple to the eye and usually they are made up of rubber.

Hip roof – Hit roofs are commonly seen in residential buildings. Roof repairs in pakenham can handle these. This can be fairly difficult to build compared to flat roofs because of their complicated materials such as its truss. This kind of roof also has a rafter structure.

Gable roof – This kind of roof is plain and simple and can be easily structured. It is designed in an inverted/upside down V appearance. However, this roof should not be designed in an area where there is high wind because it can easily catch it.

Gambrel roof – This roof is a barn roof and it is commonly seen in farmlands. But of course, it can also be built in residential houses, specifically for houses with attics.

Dutch Hip roof – This roof can easily be distinguished because of its small gable at either end.

Shed roof – This kind of roof is also flat, but the difference lies in the fact that it has more pitch.

A-frame roof – This kid of roof can be found in churches and cottages. It’s much tougher compared to other roofs because it serves both as a roof and a wall.

Roofs are the very important parts of a building or structure. They are basically the first line of defense when we’re talking about natural hazards like rain, fire, snow, wind, and heat.

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